matchmaking with smurfs/first timers

yes this is a rant and i really had it with these smurfs matched against first timers in silver elo i lose 8 out of 10 games mainly cause the opposing team has 1-3 smurfs who totally rekt my solo "first timer" lanes. there really need to be done something about this, all these games r complete stomps wich i can't prevent cause my "first timer" teammates just keep on making the same mistakes over like 10 times in the same game leading to enormous advantage for the smurfs. first: how do i know they r smurfing?? -->i play since season 1 stream all devisions and i can clearly see within a min if i deal with a real silver/bronze player or a smurf. second: but u do get smurf on your own team to.. -->hell no, about 1 in games a get a smurf but only a gold and not higher and barely have anny influence on the game. thirth: blablaba tinfoil hat... -->wish it was but i feels like riot flagged my account to only get the worst trash of the community, hell the players in season 1 beta were better then the ones i get now and its not 1 game its 8 out of 10 i can't remember the last game i din't had a 0-10+ laner in my team why is riot intentionally trying to %%%% up the matchmaking like this, do they get money to sabotage games or something?? they can detect smurfs in lower lvling, so why can't they do it in ranked. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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