Champion pool too big to climb properly.

'Sup Boards, I have a bit of an issue, I started out two seasons ago as a support main, next season I switched to ADC and Mid, and lately I have been playing Top lane a lot too. I have a wide champion pool, with mastery level 7 and all, but since I change from role to role, I have troubles going on win streak, and since my mmr is low I decided to stop messing around and start to play seriously. These are my champions for each role, and my problems with the role: **Top lane:** {{champion:164}} , {{champion:114}} .{{champion:14}} ,{{champion:133}} My problem on top lane is usually not being able to snowball, other than Sion these champions are not that great for teamfights, and as soon as my team starts grouping or begs me to group with them, I just get blown up no matter how fed I am. If I split I'm just too afraid my team will fight 4vs5... **Mid Lane** : {{champion:103}} , {{champion:136}} , {{champion:131}} , {{champion:45}} , {{champion:105}} These are just the 5 most played recently, but I played every mid laner at least a few times. Mid is the lane I feel more comfrotable with, I can roam and impact other lanes, I can 1vs1 my lane opponent, I can help my jungler if needed, but after the mana changes I really think AD mid laners such as {{champion:238}} or {{champion:157}} are in a better spot, and I am not that good with them, so it feels like a waste to go mid not being able to play the most broken champions lol **ADC**: {{champion:96}} ,{{champion:51}} ,{{champion:498}} ,{{champion:21}} , {{champion:222}} . Same as Mid, I have played every adc and I can play them all at a decent level except for {{champion:429}} and {{champion:119}} . The issue with ADC, which is also a problem on support, is that I can't really do much when 4-5 people come bot all together, I don't really know how to behave in those situations. My positioning isn't the greatest and could use lots of improvement, but I can usually take good trades and outfarm my opponent early(EARLY, cause mid to late game I fall so behind in farm, because I tend to group a lot...) **Support** {{champion:25}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} I love playing support, I can carry the laning phase, having a huge influence in every teamfight, but at the same time I don't have a duo partner, and it feels like a premade duo will always do better (for obvious reasons). Plus with all the focus on bot lane I really would prefer to be one of the people ganking then always being the one getting collapsed on. I didn't put jungle even though I can play a few ( {{champion:60}} and {{champion:254}} ), it's just not my role, I end up farming a lot and not ganking or ganking too much and falling behind in farm, it's just my worst role. I know I should focus on one role and just a few champions, **but what role and which champions are the best in the current meta to carry with? ** {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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