League of Legends annual revenue at the worst since 2014

The fallout of the worse year for Riot games in recent time dropping from $2.1B to $1.4B in the small span of a year, making this the lowest point for the company since 2014. It really goes to show how much inpact Riot's greed, along with poor balancing, a focus on LCS and a good amount of scandles and how all of it has effected their core playerbase with more and more people now refusing to spend another cent on the game. Though hopefully this will serve as a wake up call of sorts for Riot games to come back to it's core prinicples and work hard to make a good game for it's playerbase that doesn't soley focus on predatory tactics to grab more money along with hopefully some well deserved balance changes as in my personal opinion that would the be only way to regain the support of the players. SOURCES: https://cybersport.com/post/league-of-legends-revenue-worst-2014 https://www.superdataresearch.com/market-data/market-brief-year-in-review/ (Partner of Tencent) EDIT; I aknowledge that the rise of Fortnite would have affected the potential growth of League of Legends though seeing as their numbers mainly come from sales made on console rather than on PC, I concluded that this wouldn't have been a major factor compared to the events mentioned in post above. https://svirtus.cdnvideo.ru/MMLAx8LKFN5f1G_3BmArauf3OdY=/0x0:908x540/800x0/filters:quality(95)/https://hb.bizmrg.com/cybersportcom-media/d1/d14d7a0b6f2bdf23a55c99f4374d7829.jpg

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