Dynamic que needs to be removed asap

I`ve had enough of dynamic ranked que. At first it seemed like a good idea, to promote a better quality of teamwork,gameplay and overall fun but it has spiraled out of control. Ranked has strived too far of testing your individual skill to climb as a player and has instead begun to make it a test of who gets the better premade. If you que up without a premade, it essentially becomes a lottery because you are always going to find 2-3 premades on your and the opposing team, and together they have so much control over whats going to happen in the game,that you little to no say in the game,nor impact! So what should Riot do? Well, the answer is quite simply. Bring the good ol´soloq back. I want the que back that challenged me as an individual,not the game that makes me roll a dice and hope that my premades are better than theirs. Sincerly, A pissed off soloq lover
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