Need Help for Bachelor Thesis Survey PLS

Hello fellow Champions of Runeterra, I’m a League player like everyone else but deep down, I have a dark secret: I study economics at a German University and for this purpose, I need your help. To finish my Bachelors degree I created a short survey about League of Legends and It would be really awesome if you could fill it out. The topic of my Thesis is “improving Customer Value by optimizing the Customer Journey in the videogame industry” and for this matter, I have chosen LoL to be my object of study. The questions revolve around several aspects of your customer interaction with LoL, from finding about the game to installing and finally playing it (and becoming a customer aswell). Some notes about the survey: The survey is in English. I tried to make it simple as English isn’t my main language either but if you don’t feel comfortable enough in your English skills, you don’t need to fill it out. The survey takes around 3-5 minutes to complete; the time can vary a bit depending on the answers you give. Please answer every question truthfully though. Your responses are completely anonymous. Here is the link to my survey: Thank you for participating, you are doing me a big favor :D
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