South African Servers

We all love playing League of Legends, as it is a fun and very addictive game. Many of our South African players don't mind the ping, as we play at 200 minimum ping on a good day. I have started to realize that we as African gamers have not played on a lower ping, because of the EUW servers we play on. I have played on lower ping as I was in Europe for a week, I also realized it improved my gameplay quite a bit. I had a ping of 20 and played better than I ever have before. When I asked most of my friends, who play Dota 2 or CS:GO, Why they don't play League of Legends they said "The ping is terrible considering they can play CS:GO or DOTA 2 on a much lower ping and enjoy it". I've come to realize that even if we might not have the numbers now (to support a server), If we were to get a South-African server the player base would also improve. Many South-Africans don't want to play league because we don't have our own servers. If Riot were to open a SA-Server we would also enjoy the game more so we would play more and more players would play League Of Legends in South-Africa. Riot please take this into consideration. I know there are some issues with starting a server, but we as South-Africans would really play more if we had our own server.

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