why do people smurf?

it has no point! if you're a master tier player on your main account and you make a new account and smash some new players that doesn't mean you're a good player ( Don't get me wrong, you ARE a good player if you're in master tier but THIS SHIT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING ). can it be that they are hard stuck masters and just wanna feel good? in that case I must say it's both sad and pointless, since dude ... not only you're not improving by doing this but the exact opposite! your're bringing down your level by playing in an elo much lower than your self. you're playing against players that wont punish your mistakes and you are punishing the mistakes that they haven't done yet! you'll get 4 honers every game, you give 4 players some LP that they might not deserve, you take away some LP from 5 people who might not deserve to lose and you keep doing that till you get to master and get hard stuck again. it's just wrong... if you wanna have fun playing league go play a normal game and play full AD {{champion:53}} jungle. it's fun, you'll have a good time and no one loses LP over it. stop making climbing out of low elo harder than it has to be for us low elo players. PLEASE !!! and believe me even winning a game that a smurf carried you doesn't feel good, since yo know you didn't deserve that. [](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Deg7VrpHbM)
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