What do you tell friends who want to play with you but they're bad at the game?

So, I'm sure some of us have had the experience of having a friend who can't play the game but ask you to play with them. I wonder if you guys ever found yourselves in a pickle such as me. Personally, I've had a really positive and a really negative experience with the matter. The first one was a friend who is as casual as it gets, always playing as if it were his very first League game ever. But he took it well when he saw that I mostly play ranked and like taking the game seriously. He logs in every now and then and has fun by himself, and sometimes I join him on an ARAM or RGM and it's a jolly ol' time. But the worst experience...like, I had this this girlfriend who wasn't worse than the typical Silver player, but she was really sensitive and prone to tilt. It wouldn't be a problem if ranked wasn't the only thing she wanted to play. So, sure, we'd go play ranked and she'd tilt over everything, and when you tilt, you do bad decisions and play bad, which is what she did. And she really did not take constructive criticism well. Me telling her "You really shouldn't build {{item:3095}} first item on Jinx any more" would just tilt her more. Her oversensitive nature often led to a bunch of arguing and, well, it's really hard telling your SO "I don't want to play with you", especially if they take it to heart. Well, what're you guys' experiences?
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