What more can I do? This was the MOST frustrating game I've had when it concerned my promos.

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This was my final game that decided whether or not I went into Gold 5, and I tried my hardest to play with the team and actually get the game. They had TWO open inhibs and we just completed baron. I thought we were actually gonna win, I won't lie. I thought to myself 'Maybe today is the day Riot will actually allow me to pass Silver 1 and finally let me get a glimpse of that Gold ranked border. And then our Tristana gets caught in a Veigar E and the entire game just collapses from there. The team decidese to focus the tank and not the ones causing issues (i.e. Veigar and Yi) and they end up dying which simply allowed them to bumrush mid and take the game. I don't understand, what can I do in this situation? I stomped my lane HARD. I helped all the other lanes push and get tier two turrets and even open up their inhibs, I even made sure to frontline all the damage because Naut was purely incapable of tanking the damage that Yi dished out. The only times I died (which admittedly were more than I wished) was when our damage dies due to the Yi focusing on them (i.e. our Twitch and Tristana) and I had to essentially win against a team of hard CC (Stuns, Snares, Taunts) and as a Darius, that was next to impossible (unless I built Mercurial but I was expecting my team to not die so fast). At this point I'm just ranting because it's genuinely the most frustrating %%%%ing thing to be doing your best, but the rest of the team is falling behind and there's next to nothing you can do about it if you're one person attempting to help 4 others in a role that isn't even yours to begin with.
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