Prestige Point Shop!

So me and many others have been participating in the arcade 2019 pass and are having fun with these amazing events riot have been making. The missions are fun and the skins are nice. With the Prestige point shop we are able to get some nice skins as well but we fail to see the reason for there only being 100 prestige point options. With the odd amount of prestige point being offered through masterwork chest you would expect something like a 10 prestige point option for something like a chest which we recommend. We also would like to know what would happen if someone missed the arcade 2019 pass event pass but bought the over even passes, wouldn't that leave them with only 75 prestige points which wouldn't be enough to buy anything with? in the mythic crafting shop you could buy a masterwork chest and key for 1 gem stone and skins for 10 gemstones and so we would like for the prestige shop to look like this instead of seeing people with the look of despair as their prestige points, never being spent, disappear on February 1st 2020.

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