ARCADE FULL MISSION'S LIST. Because Riot forgot to post it here in EU.

[Thanks Seekerk for sharing the link in the _EU League of Legends Discord server_] Here is the Arcade mission's list. Something that should have been posted, gee, I dont know, in the silly column you call **NEWS**. Sorry for coming out as an annoyance but this is an international company. Flaws like poor communication skills should not be an issue. There is no effort announcing everything that requires a credit card, however it seems that the moment something free of charge that is part of an event is involved, you do not see the need to publish it. NA is doing it? How come EU does not get the full details? Consistency people, freaking consistency. Again, sorry for the attitude, but this is the last thing I expected. I dont care about the client shutting down, we europeans are used to it, but let the EU community get the full news of present and up coming events. Not just the Event passes, but the full mission's list as well. Have a nice day.

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