I have 2 requests for Riot

No 1. Please revert the crit changes. For our bad luck people started playing adc again and the game has become unbearable. If you play jungle like i do, you don't need to read this. All i hear all game is constant crying why do you gank, why don't you gank. They go 1/15 in 15 min they spam rep jg, or better jungle. No 2 delete summoners rift as a game mode, let only Aram available. This is ridiculous, people play the game for years and still do not understand shit, every game if i dont carry i ll lose, or even if i carry some times i will lose, this clown fiesta has to end. Just let Aram map where all these idiots will not have to use their brain, just go straight and everyone will be happy. Because this "Ranked" 5v5 system is stupid i suffer because the majority of the player base has negative IQ. Thanks in advance
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