Can you answer this ?

- Why would you delete TT ? - Why would you buff Vayne ? - Why would you delete the old cursor ? - Why would you remove honoring enemies ? - Why did you make TFT ? - Why did you delete NB ? - Why we don't have some fun gamemodes ? - Why you keep messing up with the community ? - Why you keep disrespecting us as a community and do thee exact opposite of what we ask ? - Why you never tried to make the people who played the game comeback instead of taking them way further ? - Why your mods delete every post that they don't like ? - Why you answer dumb questions on Ask Riot ? - Why you force your players to gtfo from the game ? - Why you don't respect us when we have to respect you ? - Why instead of focusing on fixing bugs and shit in the game you just keep adding stuff until you have no control to the game ? - Why Shaco is a bug ? - Why you buff Kha'Zix and Lee Sin when they need nerfs ? - Why would you release a trash patch every 2 weeks instead of putting 1 patch per month so you can fix the damn game ? - Why no Rioter read this post ?
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