Goooo~ morning my dearest community!

\*snuggles hugs* \*pulls away curtains to re-open the monday cookies-coffee-tea table* **How are you all doing?** And if the answer is a negative one, I'll have you know that in the end, everything will be fine. ;) As for me atm, I woke up 2 am and didn't manage to catch more sleep after, but it seems to have been enough for me to not be too tired now. (worst case I'll just Need more sugar~) And the current brightness is messing with my head... catching a bus at 5:30 am daily, I'm used to have it be quite dark at that time. Today however, was quite bright already, making me feel like it is like 1 hour later than it actually is. v.v **What did you do last week?** (Or at least, what do you consider worth telling fo that? :p) I think I have 3 Topics here: My ranked... I wouldn't really call it struggle, as I could improve a lot more if I'd only wokr on it. I now seem to be Swinging between Plat 2 and 1, Plat 1 is hard, I perform bad mroe often than I perform good, naturally I do lose quite a bunch and get demoted rather frequently. But in Plat 2... never had any trouble winning and climbing back up. :s So yeah, the luck based or "plat 1 and 2 are just the same" doesn't work for me. x3 Next off, I found some awesome Musics, and I always like to share Musics I find awesome! \o/ For one, a single song that helped me cheer up lots between games: And then i stumbled across a channel who's covers I happened to love (should link to a playlist): and as 3rd Topic: I think I'm mutating into one of those Singles which get a nuisance because they for some None-understandable reason always push a conversation toward the relationship Topic. Q_Q **What are your Plans for this week?** Well... this question Kinda only applies for if you have some Kind of plans. :s I personally will aim for Dia again, but be too lazy to actually Input efford, so it won't happen... again. x3 **So for a random other Topic** What do you guys think about Tahl... ehh, I suck with new names. :/ ...the new Girl that's surfin' on Stone? She looks like someone I'd actually get hyped for, last Champion who did that was Ekko, and before him Long time noone. So yeah, looking Forward to her. :3 (even tho Ekko turned out to be quite the *midlane-mage*, didn't he?) Also, while I never really liked Corki's package, her ult just made my head be like... "Me want!" ----------------------------------- Have an awesome day and follow up week all of you lovely peeps! \*hug snuggles a last time*
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