Suggestion: Make S Champinion more innovative and funny!

Hi Riot: S7 is coming soon, i see some changes to encourage the wild card regions to participate in. It is a good change, but as a IT projet manager also as a sport fan and LOL fan, i have a personal suggestion of the total revolution of tournament. Currtly championship contests are basically BO5, it is a good test of the solid capability of teams, but i think it comes with sme deficts as: 1. It encourages too much of repeated team play exercise to build solid capability, but it disencourages innovation. For example, a Brazil team selected an innovative champions compound which wins 1 game against a Korean team, surely in next game it will be banned, and in BO5, 1 win is not so important. Korean team can still win back with their solid but not so innovative team play. LOL has much less strategy compared to Dota2, i think it is time to encourage innovation and origination! 2. BO5 is too long to play and watch, compared to most traditional sports and esports. 3. The job of coach in games are limited at BP, after that they let the players to game on by theirselves. But LOL is a team game more like soccer or basetball, not an individual game like tennis or chess. For a team game, coach should effect more in games! For the 3 points above, I suggest to reform the S championship game in future with the experience of some example of Football World Cup as: 1. Group games: BO2, winner scores 3, loser 0; if the game ties, each scores 1 (310 scoring system, not 210 now); 2. Subscores are included, as: Rift Valuable Target(RVT) scores as subscores: Turret, Drake, Herald, Baron.(Or Just Turret if you think drake/baron can be refreshed or farmed) In each game, destroying one of the RVT gains 1 positive subscore, losing one of the RVT to opponent team gets 1 negative subscores Sum up as the subscore of each team in group games. (Subsocore system is not the important part, current solution: extra game for same scored teams is still ok) 3. The qualification of group games is based on sequence of: A. Highest Score, if evens, check the Win/Loss relationship between teams; B. if A evens, Highest subscore in related games of the related teams; C. If B evens, Highest subscore in all games of the related teams. 4. For qualification games: BO2, if ties: We use "Single lanes due" to decide the qualification (like penalty kick in qulification of soccer): we draw the sequence of "Top lane(1v1)", "Mid lane(1v1)" and "Bottom lane(2v2)". The winning criteria are the same as before: 1st blood or 1st turret or 100 minion farmed. Each lane scores 1, the team who gets 2 scores wins. This lane due is a specific testing of players individual capability which is encouraging skill talented players to effect more. 5. For Final Champinionship games, i recommend: BO5 with last game no ban / blind pick. 6. I suggest to increase the effect of coach by setting up In Game Pause and Substitution: 6.1 Each team contains 5-8 members, which means 0-3 substitions to join in the tournament; 6.2 In each game, the coach of each team has 1 opportunity of Technical Pause (lasts like 2-5 minutes), for this pause, the coach and members can sit together and discuss the strategy based on live game, and the team can issue One subsitition. 6.3 Like football, the coach should raise the request to main referee, and the referee can approve or deny the pause in 2 minutes based on game going on (for instance, if the team fighing is on, the referee would deny or delay the pause until the fight is over) I sincerely hope LOL gets better and S championship gets more influenting and interesting and more colorful with innovation and diversity. Please have a consideration of my advice and give me feedback. Thx Cat the CN
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