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So my friend convinced me to play since he said it's way better than HoTs Maybe I am being Blizzard Character fanboy, but I like hots better in the sense of gameplay, how each team levels up equally, picking perks for each ability etc.....
Hello everyone! I wanted to tell you that I'm leaving LoL because for me HotS is better game. The thing is that in 2 minutes in HotS you've (most of the times) already killed and enemy min. 1-2 times. And good is even that the XP is shared in your team and you don't have to wait to have your basic combo. I'm gonna paste here a discussion from Blizzard forum which perfectly describes this situation, and yes I know Blizzard stop supporting pro scene but it's not that much of a big deal. And I wanna ask you on your opinion for this topic and feel free to be poetic. Have a really nice day.
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