Help! I'm cursed :(

[]( Hello... I may just be one of the most unlucky individuals out there. This is my story... So far, I've rerolled skins 4 times and here is what I got: 1. Aristocrat Vayne 2. Vindicator Vayne 3. Bandit Sivir 4. Totemic Maokai My problem with that is twofold. First, I really dislike Vayne. Probably one of the few champions I really don't like to play and to play against. Not only that, but both those skins are 520 RP tier; that's the second problem. Totemic Maokai is also 520 RP and Bandit Sivir is just slightly higher at 750 RP. Here's the thing. The chance of rerolling into a 520 RP skin (I don't have that many skins) is about 19,96% and the chance of rerolling a 750 RP skin is 15,76%. The chances that I'd get that specific combination (x3 520 RP and x1 750 RP) is **relatively low**; about 0,5%. In other words, this happens to 1 every 200 players and I'm one of those :( The worst case would be x4 520 RP (0,16%), so I'm not that far off. I know I shouldn't be complaining about free stuff and, honestly, I'm okay with Bandit Sivir and Totemic Maokai (even though I don't play them)... but skins for Vayne? I'd rather have the essence. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Anyway, I hope Lord Teemo heeds my call and gives me a "better" reroll the next time around. I won't complain if I get, say Mad Hatter Shaco (520 RP too). That I'd be okay with. Enough complaining. See y'all on the Rift! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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