Riot closed my account!

riot closed my account because they told me that i am toxic. But when i saw the chat that told that this chat is the reason for closing my account i read it all. I realized that i wasn't toxic when the only thing that i was writing was sometimes , noob and feeder. When my team was telling me that my mum is in the bed with them and my mum is p**nstar. Why did riot close my account? Answer to me. When somebody like this guy {{champion:22}} was telling me noob and bad things for my mum when i was 16/7 and he was 7/25 what to do? > Please if i am right can you open again my account because it wasn't fair. I gave 40 euros and you just close me my account? My mum worked 4 hours more to take me 40 euros for League Of Legends and you just close my account? Look I love League and i don't want to just stop playing this game for that reason. Please riot answer me and tell why you closed my account forever and read one more time the text and this time with what they were telling to me because when the game ended this guys told me that i reported you noob hahaha and more. What i had to do?
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