Most "YESSSSSS" victory i ever had.

I just want to share it with you guys and girls, its going to be a long post. Game is SoloQ, ranked, high gold elo, Gold 2 - Plat 5. So im at the champion select pick, i took fill and i knew id get support and i was ready for it anyway. I got support and i was the 4th pick, analyzing my team compilation and enemy team compilation, i picked Soraka, (out of Sona, Karma or tank support like Alistar or Nautilus), the reason why i picked Soraka is because enemy team had Jayce (top), Teemo (support), Vayne (ADC), Malzahar (mid) and Shyvana (jungle), means they have massive poke advantage on their side, and they indeed did poke really hard through out the game, and if my team wants to have team fights, i will have to pick Soraka, play like a coward behind the back line if i want to survive a team fight. I had on my team Lucian (ADC), Hecarim (jungle), Azir (mid), Graves (top). However, game started and by the time we reach 20 minute mark, it was 6-18 --> my team-enemy team One wanted to give up the game but everyone said no, through out the whole game, my entire team was calm and really fully focused on the game, no one had said 1 word, pure communication with pings. I managed to be a good support, i barely died :D Due to the calmness of my teammates, we managed to catch the enemy players alone from time to time, although they kept pushing towards our mid inhibitor and eventually took it down, by 35 minute mark, as we kept focusing on recovery, farming, def, and taking down 1 by 1 of the enemy team, we managed to get a 20-29. Even when the enemy had taken all 4 dragons + 2 barons + elder dragon, we still managed to poke them away and off to recall back to their base with Azir, Graves and lucian doing the job. At 40 minutes mark, we had an advantage, because as Soraka, no matter how hard the enemy tries to kill anyone from my team, i keep healing and saving my team and as a result, we started winning a couple of team fights, eventually pushing all the way to their inhibitor turret. Their Jayce was extremely good and he never missed a Shock Blast and ALWAYS took 50% of our carries hp since he went full glass cannon build, but at the last few minutes of the game, the enemy team realized how stronger my team started to be, they really made loads of mistakes. (for example: Jayce going to front line rather than shyvana, Malzahar refusing to fall back as his team is back at the base, Vayne split pushing so we had 5v4 advantage and etc.) Before the last team fight i got my Warmog Armor because its one of the best for Soraka if my team survival is fully based on my heals, and i also wanted to give 1 more strong push, and so we did it, we won a team fight, we pushed all the way to enemy inhibitor, and before enemy spawned, we destroyed enemy nexus at 47 minutes and 52 seconds (47:52). And as the nexus went down I screamed to my self: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, F*CK YESSSSSSSSSSS, and also got one of the rarest feelings a person can get when he plays this game: I felt so incredibly and lucky that i got such team on a SoloQ. The only reason we won was because of how calm and focused my team was on the game, literally, but literally, no one said a word, only ping communication and they were buying wards and helping me with vision. Really, i am so proud of the team i had, i wish i would get such teams in SoloQ, but they are so rare, so god damn rare, i think a player gets 1 out of 100 games such team. Shout out to the best team so far, this is an example of positive and strong minded players, and due to them, i was inspired and got my hopes back for this community. Guys and girls, even if its 0-20, if you really try your hardest to defend, farm, stay calm and think of strategy and have full cooperation between your teammates, there is more chance for you to win than the enemy team ever had, its really important to NEVER give up, NEVER, because as you come back, enemy panics A LOT and makes tons of mistakes later which makes up the way to your victory! :D Game ended at 47:52 with a score of 32 my team - 31 enemy team, and i had a score of 0/5/28 :'D Thank you for reading and have a nice day :D
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