How to keep being motivated to play ranked?TL;DR in the end

This game the past few season has been made more team reliant. When I started playing in preseason 5 and then doing my first ranked games in season 5,(that i got placed in bronze 3 and dropped to b5 in a few months) I still felt that I could carry the game.And that's what I did. In a year's time i had gotten plat 5 and then got all the way to d5 promos this season. Since then, I started to see that personal skill matters a lot less in those games. The ultimate testimate was when after a long tilt all the way to p4, I played my plat 2 promos. I was 1/0 and needed one of the two games to be won so I can get promoted. In the first game, I had an outstanding performance in the early game on an off-role and a champion I never play (maokai jungle), but every lane procceded to INT even though i got everyone fed in the early game.We ended up losing this game, ofc me getting all the blame for the kayle top with ult getting dove from the full tank gragas, and I ended the game with a 82% kill participation . Next game, I was pretty tilted and i was playing katarina mid vs a zed. I have mained zed since I got into ranked and this season kat is my most played champ. Should be easy to win, right? Well, as I mentioned, I lost my lane, even got solo killed a couple of times, but the zed was on the same spot I was last game, his entire team was INTing, so we won the game. It just feels like whenever I play well I lose and when I INT I win,most of the time. League has been so much personal skill required to play and it pisses me off. I want to climb the ladder and get diamond this season, but it's like a lottery right now that my performance barely counts anymore. Does anyone also feel this way? If so what keeps you playing the game? **TL;DR Personal skill in league matters less, I win games that I INT and lose games that I play well 90% of the time, need some advice on how to keep being motivated to play cause i want to climb.**
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