Would you dodge or not?

So i was the very last pick. My team had the following: Support - Kennen ADC - Lucian Mid - Lux Top - Hecarim The opposing team had: Morgana Malphite Vayne Zed Renekton So i was supposed to pick a jungler and even though i have played that position the most i just cba to deal with a team that imo is so ridiculously op just by picks alone especially considering the picks of my team. I am particularly allergic to Morgana, Vayne and the ultimate of Malphite... Replace the Zed with an Ahri and the Renekton with Riven and it's pretty much a team that makes me want to uninstall the stupid game. Anyone else feel like some team comps just make them cringe always regardless of the meta and fotm picks?

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