My Journey from Bronze to Gold

I never really played ranked that much. Last season was my first time and the game put me into Silver 4, what was way to high for me at the time. I played a couple of rankeds and lost all of them. I stopped playing ranked as I reached Silver 5 with 0 LP, so I got the Silver border, even though I don't deserve it. I would've been easily Bronze when I would've continued playing. Since then I played only Normals and improved alot. Now, 2 months ago, I started playing again.The game put me into Bronze 4, even though I won 8 out of my 10 placement matches. It was kinda expected, because of the ELO reset, but it still felt soul crushing. Now here is where my journey begun. --- #**The Depths of Bronze** I never won so many games as at the time I was Bronze. I had a winrate around 80% and every game I had an insanely positive KDA in almost every game. I climbed with ease to Bronze 2, but there my winrate dropped to ~70%, which felt somehow very frustrating. I failed my Bronze 1 promo 1 time. Bronze 1 was way harder than all the ELOs below. As I reached my Silver promos, I begun to struggle hard. I lost them multiple times. In one promo, I already had 2 wins and 2 losses and in that game a "platinum smurf" told me, that I should better stay in Bronze. I kinda find this hilarious, because he didn't played that well. It would be wrong to assume that he wasn't a smurf, because I have no proof, but he played very badly. He was the reason I lost this game and such failed my promos. Eventually, because of the free wins you now get in your promos, I had 2 free wins and the next game would've lead me to Silver. I played Wukong Jungle. Now this game was soul crushing. I can't remember to play a game that was so frustrating. I have won it, but I could've literally been AFK and still won. My team didn't needed me. Every gank I tried, the ganked lane made multiple kills, before I even got there. The enemy Jungle ganks Botlane. I want to countergank and befor I arrive, the ADC made a Tripple kill. Enemy Jungle and Midlane gank Toplane, I want to countergank but our Topplaner made a Tripple aswell. I won the game with an KDA of 0/0/0. I see "CONGRATULATIONS" on my screen. I am Silver 5. But I wasn't happy. It felt so undeserved. I was sad and took a break from LoL for a week or so. --- #**Time to climb to Gold** Silver 5-4 were insanely easy. I climbed to Silver 3 in notime. I would even say Bronze 2-1 play better than Silver 5-4. Silver 3 and above I struggled the most. I lost so many games there. Till then I played only Mid/Jungle, but Midlane is the only lane I am really good at. I can't play all the other lanes. Because I got Jungle a fairly amount of time, I decided not to play Jungle anymore. I started playing Mid/Top with no success. At this time, I also wanted to start streaming and so I did. Of course no one watched my stream, and because of that and because it was very exhausting for me I stopped it. I then had the idea to record myself and so I did. I watched my recordings and saw many mistakes I did that I wouldn't have ever seen in the game. I improved alot from here. Since then I rushed to Silver 2, after a few days to Silver 1 and then finally to Gold 5. I never lost a single promo while I was Silver. Around Silver 4 I also lost my Honor crest. This might be important so I will mention it here. You see, being friendly costs energy. When you smalltalk and create a positive atmosphere for your team drags you away from the game. You need to concentrate on the game. I am no flamer, but because of the lack of communication (except pings) there is no way you will have a smalltalk with some of the players you play with. Also the post game screen is useless. Many people instantly start a new game. There is no time to honor anyone. In ranked I think I have only seen 1 or 2 players (except me) who had a crest, while in Normals every 10th game a player seems to have one. --- #**The End?** I finally reached my goal. After that I played a few rankeds and lost all of them. Then I took a break. I didn't wanted to play rankeds anymore, because I achieved my goal. Also I play as good as everyone else in that ELO, which is very very bad. Because when I am not better than anyone else, then I can't carry and such can't influence if I win or not. I also never really played Normals, because they felt so useless. Why should I play Normals when I don't achieve anything? I didn't played LoL for 1-2 weeks now and started recently again, playing some Normals with my friends. Since I am Gold I feel so much better. It feels satisfying. I don't even want to try to get higher. Maybe next Season I will try to get Platinum, but not in this one. For me this is the end of ranked this season. --- #**How did I climbed?** I thought I would include this, because many people say they cannot climb because of their teammates or such. I want to show how I played in each ELO and how I climbed out of them. **Bronze:** - Mid Primary and Jungle Secondary - Most played Champions: {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:35}} - I never relied on a team. Because in Bronze there is almost no teamplay, you cannot rely on plays that require your whole team. You need to carry yourself. Try to snowball and win the game for your team. Make Soloplays, not Teamplays **Silver 5-3:** - Mid Primary and Jungle Secondary - Most played Champions: {{champion:103}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:35}}. - I still never relied on my team. Even though the teamplay is better here, you shouldn't rely on that. You can play with and against people who never played ranked befor, so your team could consist out of players who play worse than Bronze. You can make teamplays, but only when your team is able to teamplay aswell. Read them and act depening on the Situation. **Silver 3-Gold 5** - Mid Primary and Top Secondary - Most played Champions: {{champion:103}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:238}} - Here I started to rely on my team. I played Kennen mostly Supportive. It wasn't that rare that I had as many assists or even more than our Support. Snowballing became harder and teamplay was the most efficient tactic that I could see. **General Tips:** - Never flame. I lost nearly every game that I got a flamer. It's not that I am not able to deal with it, I know what the Mute Button does, but my team could not know this. It's so dumb to lose a game because a flamer tilted my whole team. - Ward. Buy Pinkwards and use your Trinket as often as possible. Vision is an important key to victory - Look at the Minimap. My mapawareness got better drasticly and I won so many more games with it. Most of the time the pings of my team where not needed because I was able to tell how and when to get ganked. Wisdom is powerful and when you know where everyone is, you can play accordingly. - Learn Wave Control and Farm Denial. Controlling the Minionwave in your favor opens alot more windows. You can prevent to get ganked or even force the Jungle to gank you (enemy and allied). It's a powerful tool that should be mastered when you play Top, Mid or ADC. --- Thanks for reading. Good luck on the rift and I hope you will have a nice day <3
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