Especially For +22 Years Old Guys

If the time went back and you are now living in the age when: 1- Windows was using MS - DOS or windows 95 was just released. 2- Atari or even Sega after a while was considered the best system for playing video games. 3- Internet wasn't easily available like it is now. 4- Cellphones were in the size of a Braum's shield. 5- Smart phones didn't exist. 6- Laptops didn't exist. Maybe it was only available for government employees and of course not all governemts. 7- Watching world wide chanels was hard. 8- TV with colors was still a thing. I mean when I think about it, it is really horrible and terrifying living in such world. How did we survive that? And what makes me laugh is how much I enjoyed playing Atari and Sega 😂😂😂😂. Now we have everything, and we are bored.... I really miss when people mostly used to spent their times socializing and haning out ☹️☹️☹️☹️ There were so friendly at that time. Btw peeps, if you like to play old games from atari age I got some links, just let me know.
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