idk if riot has realised it, but no one likes the AR All Random part of URF

no one likes it it has literally not a single Pro argument for the players it just straight up sucks, riot said normal urf was shit bc too powerfull champions? well at least you could equally pick op champs so games wouldnt be decided in lobby most of the time. its not even all random, some champs are more likely to drop, or are you telling me that out of a 5 to 140 chance the same champion will appear 6 times out of 10???? heres what the last 10 games had on same(over 2) champions(without reroll so the first time in lobby) in 10 games 6 times rumble 4 times jhin 4 times ashe 3 times lux 3 times fizz i dont know who in riot made the concept of randomness but that is certainly not it chief god even a 50/50 chance with a %%%%ing coin is gets a wider variety of results

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