Supersized sample size conclusion: EUNE is more toxic than EUW

Just dropping some drunken thoughts here: Been paying attention to which server is more toxic (actually i was always thinking euw is more toxic so i knew i was biased towards it so i tried my best to ignore it, but i always wanted to believe eune is more fun and friendly) , i just wanted to believe eune is just as toxic as euw , or both are as non-toxic, whatever. My both accounts are currently back in gold 4 in both servers, which is fine, i've become shit in this game , i can't keep up with the changes or mechanics as i'm getting older and can't play as many games etc. But HAWD DAMN. The difference between eune and euw games in gold is like DAY AND NIGHT. Like what the actual shit. Holy hell. It's not even a bad joke. The past weeks i've been mostly playing on euw with my cousin. Today i accidentally played one game on eune (honestly logged in on wrong account) because he wasn't online so i was like what the heck i'll go one solo game for once. The flame got out of control and i messaged my cousin: "You should've seen this game what the %%%% was this and how did i end up with such flamers...." ... and after the message i noticed that %%%% i'm on my eune account. Like seriously. Bring me all the nonsense " play better , play more , gitgud " arguments all you want, eune is BY FAR one hundred times more toxic than euw. I don't need to see statistics. I only need my 8 year experience with both servers. Sure in recent years i've been playing less in both servers compared to previous years but still, %%%% eune. Seriously. %%%% eune.
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