Idk what to get

So basically I’m gonna get RP, after purchasing it I’ll have 3366 RP. I’m gonna get the Challenger Bundle ( it will only cost me 1918 RP cause I already have Ahri ) and then I’ll have 1448 RP left. I can’t make up my mind what I want to do with the remainding RP. Either: - Soul Reaver Draven ( I have it in My Shop for 945 RP, I’m a Draven main and I already have 2 skins for Draven but I have a goal to get all the Draven skins ) + 2 Hextech Chests and Keys. - A name change. ( As you can see, my name is pretty %%%%%%ed XD ) - 7 Hextech Chests and Keys. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated !
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