I'm a s1 with high (now low thx to this %%%%ing game) elo. I lookup my match, and my team is top: s2 (44% win rate) jg: s2 (45% win rate) myself: s1 (51% win rate) adc: %%%%ing unranked (no win rate) and support: bronze 1 (another 45% winrate) obviously my team isn't the best, but there's still hope untill i see the enemy team. They got 3 silver 1's (2 48% WR, and 1 51%) A %%%%ing gold 2 with a 57% winrate, and a gold 3 with a 51% WR. My point is that a game like this is for me completely and utterly uncarryable, and unwinable. I went 3/1, but my top and jg were both 0/5. My botlane lost too. I think the match is straightup unfair, and it's bs i get a bronze and an unranked player, against 2 golds when im in silver. Please fix this shit rito. (UPDATE) bouta derank, at 21 lp now, the match after the one i described above i got another bronze, and another unranked on my team, and the enemy team was 4 gold 4's. Thankyou riot, I'm genuinely considering quitting league becuase ranked is %%%%ing unplayable.
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