One specific thing I have noticed change over time in champ select.

So back when I started playing, when people picked in champ select it was pretty obvious where they were going. If someone takes Annie, they'd be mid. If someone takes Rumble, they'd be top. If someone took Kayle, they'd be mid. What i've noticed nowadays in champ select is that when someone picks a champion, it's not always obvious where they'll be going. Someone picks Annie? They could be mid OR top. Someone takes Rumble, they could be top OR jungle. Someone takes Kayle? Well god only knows where they're going. It's a small change I've noticed through the years...and honestly, I kinda dig it. It makes champ select more interesting in my opinion. Makes it so first pick doesn't always get screwed over automatically by counters that know where they're going. Just a small thing I noticed.
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