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I will say some things that either annoys me or I think should be changed. I am not saying that I will be 100% right, as I said it's only my opinion. League is in such a weird place right now. We had fun playing Brand and Vlad on the botlane but now the time has come to do something to prevent this. My ideas are: -Buff the ADCs (Please read this before saying anything). For that, Riot will need to lower the cost of the Zeal items. Not too low so it cannot be bought easily but not too high so ADCs are useles. I would love the old Infinity Edge passives. The new one is very bad because you need a lot of items before buying the IE to get 100% crit chance. Maybe give some more health growth per level. The ADCs are very squishy. That's kinda the point of it but they are more than they should be. -Nerf A LITTLE BIT the tank items Damage. You can get an item which gives you so much tankiness and on top of that free Damage. The point of tanks is to absorb a lot of damage, CC, and tank. Not dealing more damage than the ADCs. -Change the goddamn banning system. Please, for God's sake. Do you know how sad I get when a player in my team ints lightly and he doesn't get punished? It makes me wanna quit this game so much. Just do something, if a Rioter responds I will tell my ideas. -Buff the towers Not the damage, but the Armor Pen. Add a lot of armor pen because after 25 minutes tanks can take more than 6000 tower shots (including a shield heal and stuff) -Remove that huge a*s crab health bar. Make it like it was back in s6. Jungling right now feels like just getting the crab and winning the game If remember anything else I will comment down below
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