Am i just being unlucky today?

Today has been a rather unsettling day for me every single game today i have been flamed like literally every other game its just been children crying all day. I was playing jungle i camped mid it was more efficient as bot had morgana and top was winning so i stayed near mid to try and snowball mid. the botlane gets caught they rush drag etc, i get flamed all match, then said people claim i am toxic when in reality i had not even said anything in game. I had literally just explained to top why i was going to mid rather than bot etc which depends on the situation. It just feels like today and that is just one example has been so toxic or negative, i dont even know why/ Win or loss its all the same flame wont make the game suddenly winnable why not just see what actually caused the loss and not just point fingers at people ill happily admit i did not play at my best in that game, then again nobody did i had two deaths and the rest had 5 or more. Its just so disgusting to see a quiet team turn so violent over nothing and then being the accused i then get scape goated by the other team members.
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