does match making system prevent fast climbing?

I climbed from gold 5 to gold 1 really fast. then i got to plat promos and lost it. then I reentered promos after 2 wins and then lost it again. then I rereentered promos after 1 win and lost it again but after the third one I'm losing every game ( and no it's not just my performance I actually have intentional feeders and people who are really bad at game ) so what has changed? from gold 5 to gold 1 I had really good team mates and I was playing really good as well. but after some unsucsessfull promos now I'm demoted to gold 2 thanks to team mates. is it the MMR thing? or is it the match making AI that thinks : this account is climbing too fast let's demote him a litt I know it sounds childish but a while back I stoped flaming in chat and actually started being nice and also narrowed down my champion pool just to see how fast I can climb with this trick and it got me from silver 3 to gold 1 in no time. I had good team mates and getting 4 honers almost every game so I kinda got used to it. I'm a {{champion:412}} main and I'm pretty good at him so when I have a decent adc I carry bot lane by my self. but when the whole team including adc are... just... bad, I can't do much as a support so I started playing other roles but I'm not as good on them. does due queing help me? should I start playing with a friend ? just give me some advise please
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