/Pardon. Rito plox!

just had a ranked game. we were winning it big time. we didnt win all lanes but in mid game we just destroyed our opponents. we were like 1 whole item ahead of them. Until one of our teammates disconnected at 29'. he was disconnecting again and again, while being afk in our fountain. obviously he had some connection issues. we lost the game 5 minutes later, at 32', as we couldnt win the fights 4v5 and our opponents would get all objectives one by one. They said in all chat they were sorry and that it was bad luck :/. They even admitted they didnt deserve to win that game. If /Pardon was a thing, maybe when at least 3 or 4 of our opponents accept it, we wouldnt lose any lp in that game. It could work like it works with Loss Prevented. Playing a good game for 30 minutes just to be destroyed in a moment from some1 disconnecting sucks. Especially when you are winning that game and you are 2-2 in your promos.
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