3v3 Rant.

Ah. Just finished yet another game on 3v3 ranked. I have been attempting to climb gold 4 on all ranked queues before I feel confident to attempt climbing to plat in solo/duo. But oh my this is the most frustrating gamemode/map whatever you wanna call it. I have reached s2. Lost my series about 2-3 times and I cannot even reach them anymore. I win . I get to enough lp so my next victory will get me into series (74--99lp) and I always lose miserably. I bought {{champion:63}} just so I could play him on 3v3 and he has been my top pick ever since. I am frustrated with 3v3. Extremely frustrated. I am starting to HATE it. I feel like my struggle to reach s1 is unending. I can't even imagine what I have to go through to reach gold. And no. I won't just stop. I took it upon myself to play league in my time off work and reach certain devisions and I ain't quiting. Trying to stay calm while losing like that is beyond frustrating so I came here and wrote my rant. Thanks to everyone who took their time to read this.

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