I probably need some help

I don't get some people in this shitty community at times ( not the forums but more like the players that I encounter since I consider those two vastly different communities ). For example just had a normal game where I was up against a Varus mid as Azir he killed me pretty standard but when I decided to ask why his arrow deals so much damage no response UNTIL I roamed bot and killed the ADC MF who said "omg why does your combo deal so much damage it killed me from half health" so naturally I got pretty pissed off and lashed out because she was making a fool out of me for not understanding something. She probably was in a party with the Varus. They kept mocking me, I kept dying minutes of arguing passed but when I decided to be like "Hey you know what I would not have lashed out if you didn't keep on insulted me of how bad I was" trying to reason and at least try to drop it but the response was after I died yet again "bad" and of course they would continue to mock me. While I have to admit I was not the nicest guy and I am using "lashed out" as a broad term here. I do understand I wasn't very politer all the time but why is everyone trying to piss you off so desperately? I can't even defend myself other than to lash out but if I do it too hard I'll get banned for it. I don't think that is just or fair at all where is there punishment? They insulted me for simply not understanding a mechanic that I probably receive more damage when I am the first target hit. I think I have a strong sense of justice and this and also due to some ego issues I get really offended by something like this. I probably need someone to talk to. And since as sad as it may sound I have no one that I could possibly talk to about something like that, so I'd appreciate if someone ANYONE could have a nice conversation with me if that's okay.

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