A possibility to ask for riot for depromotion so the mmr can recover? (Read my situation first pls.)

This sound very strange i know, but the only way to get out of p5 is to lose on purpose, then raise up again back to p5 so the mmr is normal and then go on? the state of my situation now. I have been stuck for 5 months now on p5. I got only +14/+15lp and lose -21/-23lp. This goes for every match and 5 months long. I had winnings streaks of 7 games in a row and this 3 times (even GG.OP said i was p4 quit a bit higher mmr than avarage). but It was still the same +14/15lp and lose 21/23lp. I can't depromote since the immense and huge shields i have. I lost around 20 games total on 0lp, still no depromotion. I even tried to leave championselection on 0lp and after doing it 2 times i got -23LP. My last match i sadly won. got now -8lp. Has someone a solution how i can get out of P5 **Whitout trolling, because that is not how i am** ? Is there a way to ask riot for depromotion or someone else got an idea?
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