about the "compensation" everyone is talking about

So, we know the game doesn't register missions, gets people stuck in games and doesn't registers wins in rankeds, this is the second day of this bug (and i don't understand why Riot didn't just unplug everything until this issue is fixed given the problems people are having) everyone is, rightfully, asking for something in return but what baffles me is WHAT some people are asking for. SOme say blue essence, other say skins, others want their LP back and that would be understandable. at the end of the day, though, what are we actually losing? Besides the fact that i still don't understand why people are trying to play ranked games when the game is unstable, we are losing the daily missions and the first win of the day since the vs missions still have 10 days to be completed. A good compensation would be as follows: -400 EXP times the days this has been goingon +1 (1200 EXP for 3 days of this glitch, 1500 for 4 days and so on) -5 tokens for the same amount of time (20 tokens for 3 days, 25 for 4 and so on) -extend the time limit for the vs events by a couple of days this is what we should ask for. nothing more. i'm not defending riot here, i've been complaining too, but we can all complain and be reasonable at the same time because right now some players are asking for a new house after bumping their toe on the nightstand
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