Just got out of a game with trolls and assholes, here are pro tips they gave me

1. {{champion:121}} sucks 2. When your team needs a tanky support, play {{champion:432}} on AP. 3. It's my fault as a jungler if you are too stupid to play safer against a brainless Hecarim that just mindlessly storms on your lane. 4. It's my fault we lose the game because you start spontaneous and unplanned battles. 5. Everything is my fault because I play a viable jungler that merely has a weaker early game because of Tiamad nerfs. 6. {{champion:432}} that tells the enemy team my location to troll me and ruin the game is more useful than I am. These are proven facts by the D.O.R - Department of Retards and are to be taken seriously. Junglers are at fault for everything and you are just fine, so please don't look down on your own mistakes if you make any and try to put the blame on your Jungler instead, who REALLY is the main villain here and the lovechild of Adolf Hitler and Satan. Thank you for the cooperation, let's make sure that those filthy Jungler bastards will never gank a lane again in their life, all just so we don't have to admit our own mistakes.
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