Banned for no reason ( I have the chat logs)

Here they are: Game 1 In-Game Cwendir: i mean Cwendir: first time heimer Cwendir: and amumu Cwendir: .. Cwendir: plus it amumu support lmao Cwendir: report graves please Cwendir: Literally pinging him for m9inutes Cwendir: And hes afk Cwendir: not really Cwendir: Hes afk Cwendir: Were 4v5 Cwendir: So.. Cwendir: U*nlucky Cwendir: no jungler Cwendir: graves afk still btw Cwendir: yes please Cwendir: its well over Cwendir: I've done nothing wrong Cwendir: but say Graves is afk Cwendir: which is in fact the truth Cwendir: lol Cwendir: english? Cwendir: lol Cwendir: still afk Cwendir: 7minutes in Cwendir: Nice remake Cwendir: we cant get Cwendir: Riot Cwendir: That is afk Cwendir: He couldve come top Cwendir: Before kennen dived Cwendir: But nope Cwendir: Rather afk and lose Cwendir: Just hurry up please Cwendir: For? Cwendir: Thats not reported Cwendir: saying my jungler is afk isnt reportable kiddo Cwendir: game is done Cwendir: go next Cwendir: noit %%%%ing ahrd Cwendir: gMAES OVER Cwendir: GAME IS OVER Cwendir: ARE YOU DUMB? Cwendir: Its over Cwendir: Graves had the chance to come top for stop the dive Cwendir: But nope Cwendir: I can jsut buy an account Cwendir: Its not alot Cwendir: They wont Cwendir: What are you on about mf Cwendir: You spesh Cwendir: PRobably a fat grumpy old man Cwendir: Damn Cwendir: Ye got me Cwendir: fck Cwendir: Nice outplay dude Cwendir: really wp Cwendir: yall must be really bad Cwendir: its 14mins and yall havent ended lol Cwendir: idc Cwendir: Kid Cwendir: 12 year old Cwendir: I'm actually diamond 2 and can add you after this game to prove you idiot Cwendir: 15th perma ban inc Cwendir: Lmao Cwendir: get back to plat in a day on fresh account Cwendir: All good Cwendir: Funny kid Cwendir: I got placed gold 4 Cwendir: Got to gold 1 in a day Cwendir: Then stopped for like 2-3weeks lmao Cwendir: Check Cwendir: opgg Post-Game Cwendir: unlucky game tbh Cwendir: lost at 4mins Cwendir: didnt flame once tho Cwendir: so all gucci! Cwendir: gg wp Cwendir: Sure thing Cwendir: nothing will happen Cwendir: didnt type anything wrong <3 Game 2 Pre-Game Cwendir: Will you plau Yasuo if open? Cwendir: im tryndamere otp/// In-Game Cwendir: why are youbot Cwendir: if I got trynds flash Cwendir: eh Cwendir: go next please Cwendir: trynd can solo carry now Cwendir: are you legit Cwendir: blind Cwendir: can Cwendir: you Cwendir: gank Cwendir: a Cwendir: tryndamere Cwendir: early Cwendir: becuase Cwendir: when Cwendir: he Cwendir: hits Cwendir: 6 Cwendir: ggame Cwendir: is Cwendir: over Cwendir: lol Cwendir: gg wp Cwendir: Nice carry trynd Cwendir: report lee please Cwendir: hes afk Cwendir: You are afk Cwendir: Which is reportable Cwendir: nice ganks Cwendir: Lol Cwendir: no lol Cwendir: I main trynd Cwendir: he will carry Cwendir: should have listened to me Cwendir: im 21 years old kiddo Cwendir: proabably lol Cwendir: cant come top now Cwendir: btw Cwendir: farm lane Cwendir: dont Cwendir: somehow Cwendir: I killed him Cwendir: he has no f Cwendir: has ult Cwendir: lol Cwendir: gg wp Cwendir: that feed Cwendir: this team Cwendir: so bad Cwendir: legit just no game knowledge Cwendir: gonna guess yall are gold or lower Cwendir: plat Cwendir: 2 accoiutns :) Cwendir: need lcoket Cwendir: redemption Cwendir: this yasuo Cwendir: uninstall please Cwendir: you can R Cwendir: when I E Cwendir: you know Cwendir: LOL Cwendir: OK Cwendir: NICE INT Cwendir: GG WP Cwendir: Team wont go next Cwendir: ffs Cwendir: What a waste of time Cwendir: Ive done nothing wrong tho Cwendir: yall waste time Cwendir: Main point of climbing Cwendir: Know when you've lost Cwendir: Because Ive never been in my lane Cwendir: Because yall need constant help Cwendir: Else yall will die Cwendir: gg wp Game 3 In-Game Cwendir: red Kayn? Cwendir: care mid pls Cwendir: yasuo has ignite Cwendir: Ha... Cwendir: Bit o' banta Cwendir: drake Cwendir: is Cwendir: fee Cwendir: free Cwendir: khazix top.. Cwendir: I mean Cwendir: you got a free drake Cwendir: wtf are yall doing Cwendir: kayn Cwendir: wat u doing Cwendir: afk for about 30secs Cwendir: report kayn please Cwendir: go next Cwendir: Gg wp Cwendir: im trolling no Cwendir: games over Cwendir: first kayn goes afk for a minute Cwendir: then he ints Cwendir: 2 Cwendir: actually Cwendir: go farm Cwendir: jungle Cwendir: lol Cwendir: hes bad Cwendir: we know Cwendir: im a tryndamere one trick.. Cwendir: kayn still 0 items Cwendir: at 17 mins Cwendir: lol Cwendir: shes been inted to Cwendir: great Cwendir: why int Cwendir: quinn Cwendir: I got a kill Cwendir: 2v1 Cwendir: then you go in and int Cwendir: I can 1v1 the vayne Cwendir: I know this Cwendir: because Cwendir: I can kill the vayne Cwendir: you idiot Cwendir: dont Cwendir: please Cwendir: dont die Cwendir: lol Cwendir: waveclear pls Cwendir: .. Cwendir: go next Cwendir: yall clearly dont want to win Cwendir: Wow you killed a dc Cwendir: How pathetic Cwendir: lol Cwendir: why Cwendir: are Cwendir: you Cwendir: bot Cwendir: free Cwendir: baron Cwendir: lol Cwendir: haha Cwendir: no rylais on brand Cwendir: I said nothing wrong Cwendir: yall are just toxic Cwendir: childs Cwendir: because Cwendir: you're support Cwendir: and thats what suports do Cwendir: you're playing as a mid laner Cwendir: yet yuou got put as support Cwendir: LOL! Cwendir: woith a broken champion like Quinn? Cwendir: 56% win rate champ Cwendir: just go for drake.. Cwendir: wtf... Cwendir: lemme get it Cwendir: I aint Cwendir: helping Cwendir: yall Cwendir: 5.7K health wtf is this broken game Cwendir: END Cwendir: idiots... Cwendir: gg wp So anyway, I dont see any problems with what I've said. (Baring in mind I've had a jayce adc, amumu support, fiddle support and elise support through these games) Oh and btw, Riot, fix your game please. Adcs are shit and you literally just nerfed their items again. Anyways. Riot why did this account get banned please? Im not too bothered its just I haven't broke your ToS And want my money back if you dont give the account back.
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