Is it new to take LP away from you for a win if you afk'ed for some of the match? Can I complain?

The afk was because my computer crashed. It's done it a few times recently so i got a 5 match low priority queue penalty. We got off to a decent start, I made a few ganks, my score was neutral as far as i remember : 2-1-0 or 2-2-0 or something non-descript like that but I was Jax jungle so happy to keep scaling. Anyway, my comp crashes fairly early on. I reboot, manage to get into game, no thanks to the client which starts up with the NA login, then closes and restarts when I remind it I'm in EUW, plus refuses to connect the first time. Yasuo and Zed have popped off and we're quite far ahead. I go back into game, clear some camps, clear some sidewaves, kill the adc once, get killed by lee a few times, but generally be as useful as i can, drop a control ward, urge everyone to group, and yasuo and zed carry us over the line. Then I get to the after game screen and i find i've LOST 19 points instead of won them. Now on 54 LP Bronze I instead of 1 game away from promos to Silver. I'm sure it didn't used to do this. Now you may think this is fair enough, afk is afk after all, but the fact is in Bronze, people dropping out for god knows what reason and coming back an unspecified amount of time later and winning is not uncommon. Sometimes there's one on each team. I myself have done it recently, and had it done on my team. You play on because it's too late to remake and 10 minutes later, hallelujah your determination has paid off as your 5th player reenters and you go on to win. Not at all uncommon. Except now. Because I'm still going to play ranked, I'm grinding and focusing on how I do personally rather than win percentage, and frankly it doesn't happen often enough for long enough to be a problem. The only difference is, why the %%%% should I rush to get back into game and do my best to help my team win if i'm going to have points docked anyway? Altruism is not enough, forming bonds with your teammates is not encouraged in solo queue, so now i'm going to go %%%% it, let them try 4v5 for the whole of the rest of the game, I'm going to go and make some tea, rather than sitting at my comp rebooting it, re loading it, and re-reloading it as fast as possible, then doing my best to help whatever way I can, just to have them dock me points at the end of it even if I drag it through for a win. Why the %%%% would they de-incentivise people from getting back into game after a disconnect, which is quite common for a number of reasons? Is there any point appealing to someone at Riot or do we just not bother to return to games after a disconnect now? From now on if someone on my team disconnects i guess i'll just surrender now too cause why should I think they're coming back? I won't be as things stand.
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