Why do i feel like every ranked game is a diceroll?

I have been very unlucky with ranked teammates lately, i dont know what the hell i supposed to do! I get Mundo who plays like a bot, never says a word and just ints (0/10) ,Then i get Ezreal, he just goes afk and we lose a close game because of that... Then i get 5/10 Draven who has no idea what he is doing! Then i get lucian who actually won the lane, after he pushed the tower, he just afked in drake side and fed the enemy mid laner, ended up 2/10 flaming everybody! Then i get 2 different corki players, going 8/13 and 2/10, THen i get adc and mid lane "smurf duo" , they ended ramboing in 10/18, then i get autofilled to jungle and i get most toxic Teemo ever, i dont know what to do at this point, this all happened in a row, like i feel its a diceroll in here! Is ranked really that bad that i must go OP.gg before game to search all my teammates how they have performed, i cant enjoy ranked at all. Its one big cluster%%%% fiesta! Before that losing thingy , my enemies seemed to have similar teammates, its a fkcing diceroll obviously,i rarely get close games, they are most fun, but they almost never occur. Thanks!
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