League of AFK: no reason to play Ranked, really

I have been furious. I have been angry. I tried to be a philospher about this. Now I am in despair. 2 of 3 games I play are 4 vs 5. 2 of 3 games someone either disconnects or goes AFK in a middle of a lane. This AFK player on our side? We lose. Their side? We win. The most infuriating and unfair thing about this all is LP loss. Okay. Maybe a player being disconnected will be penalised. Maybe. We (in the team) shall never know it. Maybe he will even be banned for some duration. But that does not put things right for the rest of his team! 4 players go downwards in league just because there's one who got a bad connection. Why, Riot??? Do you think it's fair? Just? Financially efficient? I do not think so. I think that I am one hell tired of playing the "AFK roulette". I do not want to spend and hour (my ONLY hour at dinnertime at work) just to see which team gets "the player who left". 5 minutes is more than enough for that! And another thing which makes me me the most venomous: unlike all that "unskilled player report" business THIS you CAN detect!!! Server-side KNOWS when player is disconnected and CAN write down his total time of being disconnected/AFK. All this behaviour is totally detectable and you do nothing about it except a checkbox "report leaving/AFK". You just let us go up and down the league depending on who's got a black bean this time. A team is not guilty of anything when 1 player leaves. But the team IS penalised with an LP loss in a desperate match. I am, sure this should work different. Somehow. A special "bad connection league" ghetto for all those who loses connection and got ping over 500ms? Random expulsion of player in other team also? LP simply not lost in case of player AFK/left? Coupled with SEVERE punishment which would discourage leaving-on-purpose... Anything will do, Riot! Anything that will stop this damned roulette. And until then I do not see absolutely any reason to take part in Ranked. I am not good enough to play as 2 players and against fed opponent (or I would have been in Diamond by now). And this AFK-roulette smashes my last hopes to ever progress out of Bronze by being better than others by a little fraction. I do not want to play Ranked anymore.
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