Start punishing people for this!

Several times now I go play a game and some people are playing badly and say: "sorry I'm drunk", or "sory i'm on drugs". I dont really care if thats true or not the problem is that drunk premade bot lane gave 5 free kills to vayne in one game. Next game drunk lux on mid gave away 22 free kills to fizz. I report all drunk/high people as intentional feeding. I want them all gone from RANKED games. NO RANKED IS NOT FOR FUN, AND YOU CAN'T PLAY IT DRUNK. Just add something that would prevent those people from entering ranked games for some time, like a month or two, maybe seven. Game is hard to play cause of people like that and advancing in rankeds seems more of a grind and luck based thing than skill based. First all boosted Gold 4, 5 supports that don't know how sighstone looks like, and suicide into enemy even if they are 2 levels higher than us, next drunk people that play for fun, and a bunch of trolls with teemo support, and other crap like that, elo boosters, smurfs. So its a big lottery and has nothing to do with actual skills or anything, you either get lucky enough and get normal team or you just get some drunk idiots or some epic troll support or you may be playing against elo booster from challnger. Add ranked ban, and start banning people just from rankeds, just to make it clear for what ranked is. I don't have problems with playing drunk in some normal games where there is nothing to lose beside some time, but doing so in rankeds is just not fair for other players.
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