Early game feeding is so destructive

Early feeding is so destructive, it's not fair when someone give 8 kills to the enemy in less than 15 minutes. Every game has atleast one massive feeder that's atleast 0/5/0 in less than 10 minutes, it's ridiculous. They make the enemy laners snowball and I can't do sh*t about it as a support. All I am, is doomed watching my ally laners die repeatedly. Then I initiate a surrender and it fails, because one don't want to surrender. These players claim that they don't int, because they're new to the champion, but come on... When I try a new champion, I am smart enough not to feed (it very rarely occurs). If I can do that, why are these people the same mistakes over and over again? My previous normal game, top, mid and jungle were atleast 0/5/0 (Ekko was 0/8/0). All of them fed, while me and my adc were 1/1/1. We're not talking about unlucky games, but they happen quiet often and by often, I really mean 80% of the games. Don't get me wrong, some feeding is part of winning/losing. When none feeds, none gains kills. It's that simple, but there's a huge difference between feeding and inting. In my opinion, every player should strive to give the enemy as less as possible kills. If someone would be 0/3/0 in 15 minutes, I wouldn't mind, but players with excessive feeding: 0/7/0, 0/5/0, 0/12/0. Come on... Why do these people claim they're not inting...? (In less than 15 minutes ofcourse). It's like this: they go 1 vs 3 > end up dying > go 1 vs 2 > end up dying > 1 vs 4 > end up dying > walk > die > feed > repeat. Anyways, I am wondering why Riot doesn't do anything about this. You can't convince me that these players aren't actually inting.
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