2 times i get tristana in aram , others dodge until i get a crap champ wtf

why do the people that dont dodge get punished like this ??? just make it so dodging results in getting the same champ , ergo , even if someone else dodges you dont get a champ you cant play from the free rotation , if you got someone else before , that way dodging in aram would be completely pointless , now i had to dodge bc i got singed and rengar , great champs for aram if you are more of a adc player why is there no sort of compensation for those that get screwed over by queue dodgers ? i lost count how often i had to sit around and wait out a lose because someone else dodged , i too had to dodge now because it just kept getting good champs everytime someone dodged , one time no one dodges and i get F tiers for aram , really good system , i look forward to playing a champ i am good as , nope , someone dodged , here have a champ who is strong at ambushing , but on the map that has no way to ambush , enjoy it would literally be solved with a system that gives everyone in a dodged match the same champ they had again
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