1500 Chat bans Completed Recived another 4019 chat bans

So about 9 months ago i had revived a chat ban number of over 1500 chat bans i thought to myself i guess i deserved it since i was kinda toxic and show boasted alot in normal games so i didn't make a fuss about it even tho the number of chat bans was large. I completed this number yesterday afternoon with relief changing the way i am in game since i had to type up to 5 times in a game my whole outlook on things during this time had changed i had a few spits here and there were i was toxic i will not lie. I dont think anyone can be a angel for 1500 games but in general my attitude and behavior had changed for the better after finishing my bans i logged on today not a single day later after finishing the 1500 chat bans to a notice saying i now have 4019 more chat bans at this moment i really dont know what to say it took me almost 9months to complete 1500 bans i dont know how long 4019 will take i dont think this is fair what so ever i feel this is beyond a harsh punishment for something i have no idea what for i know for a fact the amount of times i was probably rude or negative in a game was a dozen times over the last 9months i thought id leave this here just to show you guys/girls how messed up this ban system was back then and is now really dont know what to say i will not get any justice here or in the support tickets i just thought id let my thoughts linger here
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