Players advice needed.

*** So after my daily crawl in the boards and pretty much exclusively in Player Behaviour, I have noticed that people who get banned have no idea why! So I want to compile a list of tips/tricks that people use to stay tilt free and unbanned. *** * **1, Don't raise to bait. ** If a team mate is flaming you, _**ITS NOT OKAY TO FLAME BACK**_ Just because they broke rules doesnt give you the right to break them back. *** * 2, **Don't type, say it** I use this alot in game, When I get to the point where I have idiots on my team, I say to myself / Skype friends that the guy is a moron, I never type it only say it out loud. *** * 3, **Can't say anything nice don't say anything at all** Pretty much the point above but positive words have more of an effect over negative ones in a positive way. ~~Thank Thumper for this one.~~ *** * 4, **Mute all chat** Serious do this 65% of the problems with tilt go away, Have a Zed smacktalking in all chat after the 4th time he killed you isn't good! Seeing your team calling reports and smacktalking/flaming in all chat is also gone. Do it serious. *** * 5, **Don't play if you having a bad day** I noticed after a bad day/night at work, My tolarance to idiots is super low and tilt and want to rage. So I play other games, Your cat's got run over then play a different game you more likely to rage and get upset if external factors are in play. *** * 6, **Play music after each game** After each game have a few minutes break listen to a few songs/music or watch a youtube video seems to let me forget about the game before. *** * 7, **Mute toxic players** You dont have to mute all or full mute all just players that are being toxic, You don't need to read negative things all game. *** * 8, **Before you type, Think** My ruleset is! _Do my team mates need to know this? Will my team gain anything from this? Could I upset anyone by saying this. **If I answer **No** to the first of them, I don't type it.** *** * 9, **Be careful when playing with premade.** If with a premade be careful of what you type a joke between friends may seem like you are being toxic towards a random player just remember other players don't know you are freinds and it can cause problems. *** **This a few things that help me keep ban free, I will update list as people give tips that I will try and find work. ** *** {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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