I just got baned for toxic behaviour but those who told me %%% didn't get shit!

So i just recived a 14 day ban, cuz a random player was toxic to me and i sayed some things back. He got me banned but he didn't get anything. Ok so if somone told me to kms in chat and i told him the same thing why is he not banned then if i get the same punishment then why is he still free i'm sick of some players getting away with not getting banned even if they deserve it. Like this game is so bad, system is even worse. From the preseason till now i only see ppl like this who only talk shit and trash talk all plyers cuz they are so called better than them. And then when u strike back u get banned and they get away with it. If this is so called justice and good management then this ban should be removed. I was tilted just cuz she/he was toxic towards me and kept me down, so i replayed the same way and now i got my ban but he is still playing the game. Same shit happend when i got 2 inters in 2 ranked games and i recorded the game and reported them with evidence and they didn't get banned nor anything els.. So imma gonna say i hate this seasson and i hope they revert all changes.. And if u gonna lecture me about why i got this don't comment because i admit my mistake but those who did the same should get it to. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
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