2 accounts lvl 3 and Main is lvl 1/ Why bad players never surr

Can you tell me how honor works coz I my 2 smurfs to lvl 3 honor. The second one I only played 3 days a got lvl 3 honor but my main is stuck in lvl 1 and I get very low keys and shit it pisses me off clearly the flame I did was justified coz I got 2 accounts lvl 3 honor. So about a month ago I flamed this shit out of some bad players that all lost lane I get it you're only in my game to feed I will not flame you but when it's 5 kill to their 25 and all 6 towers are down by 20mins just ff or I will flame you. I can't go afk coz I will get banned. So I got the 10 chat ban but now I'm good so pls bring my honor up I know it has something to do with the time you play if you grind you will get it slower. And if you flame your team they will never surr so don't flame anyone just don't say anything that will help them surr. This one time I didn't say anything we went to surr at 15 was 4-1 I said Why would you say no? do you think we can win? we all lost lane and you all suck so ff. After that all votes were 1-4 till we lost at 35 mins.
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