Idea to lower toxicy and muh shekles for Ritto (Joke)

Hello Ritto. I have an unique, never used system to lower toxicity... or even better, turn it into shekles {{item:3400}} fuel. An example... Ahri player, kills an enemy in very fair match and ran with 1-2% HP, then writes on chat. [all] GG Easy. Now listen Ritto, rain of Shekles {{item:3400}} awaits. Player killed by Ahri, presses (Insert any key) to open a small ingame window. - 0$ + for X damage to xxx champion (xxx - to select champion that dealt damage to you in last 60sec) Then he can customise the shekles amount to deal XX damage to enemy that killed him. 1$ for 5-6 damage (10$ to usually finish an enemy that ran with 1-2%) {{item:3400}} {{item:3400}} {{item:3400}} MUH INSANE SHEKLES, LOWER TOXICITY AS YOU CAN SIMPLY KILL ENEMY FOR REVENGE! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Ritto, I know that you might not be yet prepared for the most innovative and genious idea... and may fear entering year 3000 so soon. But belive me, for only 1 option, you can erase toxicity, lower the poor players database, making the title only for rich and generous players... This means... Less work with poor players. More cash from rich players. No Toxicity. No need to lie that you only want shekles {{item:3400}} (Everyone one wants only Shekles) (The following topic was make as a joke-oriented, all names are random and does not represent the state of title or judgment type in the mentioned title)
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