Ok so yeah, i evaded the afk system and maybe im a little pissed about this hole game, but really, you restricted my chat for saying "retard" and "retards", when others are insulting with "cancer" and stuff like that ? They were all premade and said bad stuff about me ... yeah, thank u ... what can i say, what i did, it was fair and square. This is my chat history > Game 1 Inmate94656981: u bug Inmate94656981: can't stay away, can't u Inmate94656981: cuz we greedy ( we died in jungle) Inmate94656981: dont blame yorick Inmate94656981: stop blaming Inmate94656981: defemd bot Inmate94656981: and push top (jhin tried to flame other, i stoped) Inmate94656981: ok Inmate94656981: il afk Inmate94656981: hows that (he agreed, that im no good in team, and they are good without me ** i think premade or something)) === Now here he said i do no combos, and i did 1 or 2, but failed more ... like 3, badluck. And he pissed me off, because hes showing off. == Inmate94656981: oh Inmate94656981: ok Inmate94656981: then Inmate94656981: sorry for play then Inmate94656981: you can adc for urself Inmate94656981: master Inmate94656981: sorry Inmate94656981: yes Inmate94656981: im 0 Inmate94656981: your 1 million Inmate94656981: say bye to match Inmate94656981: all muted (i muted all for like 20 min or so, sa i played it cool) Inmate94656981: yeah boy Inmate94656981: cmon smart team Inmate94656981: win this (they threaten me with ban and etc, if i do not comply to their orders) Inmate94656981: cry Inmate94656981: learn to respect boy Inmate94656981: haha Inmate94656981: cmon mr pro Inmate94656981: win the game Inmate94656981: im bored (now my team has advantange, and they all say bad things about me) Inmate94656981: yeah ok Inmate94656981: ur all very smart Inmate94656981: im noob, 0 Inmate94656981: all Inmate94656981: no respect for the cow Inmate94656981: why should i Inmate94656981: im 0 Inmate94656981: i have no combos Inmate94656981: even my wards are not good Inmate94656981: yeye Inmate94656981: we wuk (they still think they will win) Inmate94656981: will Inmate94656981: cmon Inmate94656981: smart pants Inmate94656981: win the match (now they are making the hole chat toxic) Inmate94656981: REPORT MY TEAM, ALL SAY I CANT COMBO AND IM USELESS Inmate94656981: SO I DECIDET NOT TO INTERFERE Inmate94656981: SO HAVE FUN, GG Inmate94656981: IM BAN, HOW ABOUT THE ONES WHO DISRESPECT OTHERS ? Inmate94656981: HOW ABOUT THEM, YOU SMART PANTS ? (near end) Inmate94656981: 500 LOST GAMES JHIN Inmate94656981: COOL Inmate94656981: UR PRO MATE Inmate94656981: 500 LOST GAMES Inmate94656981: SHUT UP Inmate94656981: 500 Inmate94656981: 300 WINS Inmate94656981: YOU HAVE 300 / 500 w/L Inmate94656981: ok ok Inmate94656981: ur pro Inmate94656981: sorry Inmate94656981: haha Inmate94656981: want to see combo ? Inmate94656981: you did not see combo ? (saved team ONCE) Inmate94656981: LOOOK Inmate94656981: U RETARD Inmate94656981: COMBO Inmate94656981: SEE THJAT ? Inmate94656981: ? Inmate94656981: DID YOU SEE THAT ? Inmate94656981: RETARD (they called me, noob, 0, low, no good, etc ... so i called them retards.) Inmate94656981: ur good without me (lost the match) ----------------------------------------------------- This is from the dude who mailed me, saying stuff like : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If for whatever reason a game is not going well or another player is being hurtful, remember you should not argue with others or retaliate. Instead, just mute those players; stop talking to them; and report them at the end of the game. For more information, please log into your account to view your reform card. ------------------------------------------------------ So they all "ganked" me with insults and made reports, and now ... this dude, restricted me for 10 games. TEN ... thats aprox 300 mins. Thank u. I also, like to see their chat history.
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